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Our kids are typically introduced to numbers at age 3: learning the numbers and number symbols one to ten: the red and blue rods, sandpaper numerals, association of number rods and numerals, spindle boxes, cards and counters, counting, sight recognition, concept of odd and even, and the famous Montessori Golden Bead materials. Furthermore, children sees and feels quantities and numbers and their relationships. The child’s “hands-on” work with the didactic manipulative materials brings the “abstraction” of mathematics to the “concrete” laying a firm foundation of real learning. Children gain a lifelong love of advanced work in arithmetic, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.
The Primary Globes (Age 3-5): specially prepared globes for the very young child that isolate single concepts of globe study-how land and water are shown, and the corresponding shapes of the continents that they learned from the puzzle maps.
Maria Montessori has concluded that scientific words are best taught to children between the ages of 3 to 6 years, not in a mechanical way, but in conjunction with the objects concerned, or in the course of their explorations, so that their vocabulary keeps pace with their experiences. Over and above her findings, other researchers established that children come to school with a great capacity for learning in general and learning science in particular. Even preschool children have a rich set of ideas, conceptual frameworks, and reasoning skills.
One of the first goals of MMSIC is to develop in the very young child a strong and realistic sense of independence and self-reliance. Along with love and a stable environment, this is the child’s greatest need. This area of the curriculum focuses on developing skills that allow the child to effectively control and deal with the social and physical environment in which he lives.


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Montessori Mathematics and Science Institute for Children (MMSIC) Website. We are committed to helping children succeed academically and cultivating their moral character to prepare them for the world. Our commitment will be seen through MMSIC, as well as our current and ongoing efforts to build upon this school’s distinguished legacy and many unique qualities and attributes. Here you will find information about the school as well as staff and administration.

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