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nitttMMSIC is all about what’s happening in the building – and that includes kids, parents, teachers, mentors and amazing school programs that meet the needs of the kids and deliver exceptional value. We believe that Parents and teachers should work together to assure that each child is learning the many aspects of math – in the classroom, at home, and in the community. Improving mathematics and science learning is of great concern to educators and policymakers. Because early experiences affect later education outcomes, providing young children with research-based mathematics and science learning opportunities is likely to pay off with increased achievement, literacy, and work skills in these critical areas

There’s every reason to believe that today’s preschoolers can grow up to understand, experience and appreciate math in a broader and more practical context than the generations before them. We’re counting on it!

Our kids thrive in an innovative and academically enriched educational environment. Our caring and supportive school communities value family involvement and foster clear values that build confidence, character, and good citizenship every day. We encourage our learners to participate in a wide array of co-curricular activities, and motivate each child to reach his or her individual potential.


MMSIC is dedicated to providing a remarkable learning experience that inspires a child to realize their desires and passion to succeed within one’s self.


  • to give life and knowledge in a form which is necessary to life.
  • to give children exposure to role models such as professional scientist, engineers & technologies
  • to prepare each child to become independent and great leader
  • to maximize readiness for ongoing school experiences
  • to promote family-centered education.
  • by practicing an emergent and constructive curriculum, children learn through doing, playing and songs.


Uniqueness of the Institution

  • Curriculum: we develop the whole child physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually.
  • Make math real. Be sure to reinforce and practice math learning throughout the day, in school, at home, and in the community.
  • Collect baseline information. Know what concepts and skills a child has already learned so that an effective program of instruction and support can be designed and implemented early in the preschool year.
  • Forge parent-teacher partnerships. Many parents aren’t sure how to teach their preschoolers math at home. Use parent-teacher conferences to discuss strategies that have been successful in the classroom and talk about how these can be reinforced in everyday games and activities at home.


Environment: children are exposed to the safe, warm, and loving environment where their individuality can be supported and nurtured