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MMSIC is an Institution with a rigorous, yet innovative, Preschool program. Although we offer a warm, supportive preschool atmosphere, we set a high level of expectation for the quality of thought, work, and mastery of content and skills.

As children reach the elementary years, they will be challenged to pursue a considerable amount of library and field research both in and outside of school. In preparation for college, we consciously teach students how to develop effective work habits and test-taking strategies. 5

The following is a brief overview of MMSIC’s core curriculum in the areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, sensory training, and practical life for our students age 3 through the upper elementary level. Please keep in mind that this only represents an overview of the course of study, and is not meant to be complete. Since our students progress at their own pace, it is not possible to divide up the curriculum by grade levels. Also, we have not attempted, for lack of space, to include descriptions of our curriculum in the arts, music, physical education, and foreign language.