Due to our multi-age classroom design, our youngest students are constantly exposed to the older children in the class who are already reading. The total environment of the Primary classes (3 to 6 years-old) tends to create and reinforce in our young children a spontaneous interest in learning how to read. We begin to teach reading as soon as that interest is first expressed.

  • Using a total immersion approach, we help the youngest children to develop a highly sophisticated vocabulary and command of the language.
  • The children are taught through many early approaches to listen for and recognize the individual phonetic sounds in words.
  • We introduce the children to literature by reading aloud and discussing a wide range of classic stories and poetry.
  • We help our youngest students to recognize the shape and phonetic sounds of the alphabet through the ‘sandpaper letters:’ a tactile alphabet.

Metal Insets, sandpaper letters, movable alphabet, and word building and reading are all keys to language development. After years of scientific observation and analysis, Dr. Montessori came to the conclusion that the time for acquiring the skills of writing and reading was around the 4 to 5 year old period. While not ends in themselves, the acquisition of language opens the doors of learning. And so, the Montessori child does learn to write and read when he is young, and with these tools, the world is at his fingertips through the written word.

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